$17.99 Madden NFL 21 – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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$17.99 $59.99 Buy It Now
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$17.99 $59.99 Buy It Now
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Bestbuy has Madden NFL 21 – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 on sale for $17.99.

Product Reviews
Average Product Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 based on reviews on bestbuy.com
Very disappointed with Madden 21. I'm a franchise player and nothing new for the last few years. Not only that but I created a QB and now there is only 4 preset faces I could use and two had long hair which left me with only two choices. That is a small thing but this game is basically the same as last year's franchise. Game play is buggy, more than last year as well. Minimal improvements at best. I personally do… view full review on bestbuy.com
★★★☆☆   Basically a $65 Roster upgrade.... - Cyberflea Sep 4, 2020 3:53 PM
Great gameplay just like the rest of the other madden series if you are familiar with it. Addicting to play and great graphics almost… view full review on bestbuy.com
★★★★★   If you love football you must have this game!! - Echoshow Dec 16, 2020 11:29 PM
Hey I enjoy it. I've played every Madden since like 95. I didn't play last 2 years much- too disappointed in it. This is slightly better but it seems that EA is finally trying to make a better game- not just add more bloat and update Rosters. But Hey EA… view full review on bestbuy.com
★★★★☆   Madden 21 - Scott5 Jan 14, 2021 7:57 AM
I love the game! Best Madden they have made yet. However…..it took over a month to get after ordering it on the app. Had to call and get it reordered because Best Buy never sent it to the post office! Plus I ordered the version with t… view full review on bestbuy.com
★★★★★   Great Game Took forever to ship - Nice Jan 29, 2021 3:50 PM
I would give this a 5 Star if these glitches weren't there: ANY AND ALL LBS are NOT interception magnets in the REAL NFL so why be that way in a video game AND kicking game freezes fr… view full review on bestbuy.com
★★★★☆   Madden Is In Need of A Fix - Snugglebear34 Jan 29, 2021 3:43 PM

Model: 37983 SKU: 6407594


Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame

Be the face of a new generation poised for glory and prove your skeptics wrong in Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame.

Madden Ultimate Team:

Pull up for a brand-new season of fresh and fun Ultimate Team content and competitive team building. Earn MUT coins via Ultimate Team Challenges and finesse your depth chart via strategic decisions.

Superstar KO

Squad up and take down the competition in Madden’s fastest co-op eliminator mode featuring 5-minute games, unique stadium and commentary, dynamic rules and icons of football culture.


Play through a full NFL career and leave your legacy as a player, coach or owner with single-player and multiplayer online-connected leagues. Compete with up to 32 teams in your quest for a Super Bowl Dynasty. Complete each season with a bid to the annual Pro Bowl and earn Seasonal Awards.



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