HP – OMEN Gaming 27" IPS LED QHD FreeSync Monitor – Shadow Black

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Average Product Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 based on 9 reviews on bestbuy.com
Choosing a monitor for your gaming PC is just as important as choosing what components go into your PC. What good is power without a screen capable of showing you what it can do? As the definition of a good framerate soared well past the 60 FPS mark in the era of eSports, so too have monitors evolved to accommodate gamers’ needs for speed. Having been in on the action for several years under the Omen gaming brand, Hewlett-Packard has several takes on high-refresh-rate monitors under its belt already, but their latest model seeks the ultimate in no-compromise gaming: a 165Hz refresh rate on a 1440p IPS panel. It’s a tall order, and not one without a few small missteps along the way, but the HP Omen 27i Gaming Monitor delivers.

Of note, I am running this on a custom desktop with a Threadripper 2920X, 32GB of RAM, and two AMD Radeon Vega 56 cards in Crossfire. While I had little trouble reaching the performance limits of the monitor with this machine, your mileage may vary greatly depending on your CPU and graphics card combination.

– Unboxing and Setup Packed efficiently and marketed subtly, the HP Omen 27i Gaming Monitor has premium ambitions. The included instructions are easy to follow, and the inclusion of both HDMI and DisplayPort cables is a welcome sight. Two integrated hex bolts connect the monitor to the height-and-tilt adjustable stand, which has plenty of heft. Adjustments are easy and hold firm. The stand has a cavity at the top of the support arm designed for holding headphones, which is a nice convenience feature that helps clean up desk space. Two USB 3.0 ports allow the moni… view full review on bestbuy.com

★★★★★   A Treat for the Eyes - Turbolence Apr 20, 2020 7:53 PM
Gaming has really exploded over the past handful of years thanks to the rise of E-Sports and PC gaming – so naturally those who want the best gaming experience need to view it on a great display. So far with my use of the HP Omen 27i – its a critical part of your gaming experience!

SETUP: – When I took this out of the box, the first thing i noticed was how heavy duty this monitor is! The stand and monitor are heavy, made of nice high end materials, and really feels like it will last forever. It definitely goes with the aesthetics of a gamer. – Once you connect the Monitor to the stand (or there is an option to mount it to a 3rd party mount), you are p… view full review on bestbuy.com

★★★★★   Exceptional Gaming Monitor - Njuice Apr 17, 2020 10:26 AM
Bottom Line Upfront: HP Omen 27i Gaming Monitor checks off all the right boxes that gamers and enthusiasts are looking for in a new piece of kit. Just make sure you have a powerful enough Graphics Card/GPU to get the most of this monitor. – IPS panel – check – 2K, QHD 2560 x 1440 Native Resolution – check – 165Hz maximum (144Hz native) refresh rate – check – 1ms response time /GtG – check – AMD FreeSync supported – check – USB 3.0 Hub built in/Extender – check – DisplyPort AND HDMI cables actually included in the box – Double Check

The Omen 27i delivers on its promise of smooth and fast frame rates along with pretty good (but not perfect to my eyes) color reproduction to boot. The height adjustable stand that comes with it is built like a tank and makes it a super easy to find the “just right” height and angle at your desk. The Omen 27i makes for an excellent stealthy addition to anyone’s workspace without screaming “LOOOOK AT ME!!!” … compared to many of the other similarly spec’ed high end “gamer styled RGB” choices out there.

===================================================================================== Detailed Thoughts and Observations: =====================================================================================

Packaging/Unboxing: ============================ *** Unpacking Advice*** – the monitor comes in a sort of clamshell style foam protector (which shared in photos) – grab a buddy or something to secure the base of the box since there is no easy way to “pull” it out of the box … since there are no handles or anything to grab at from the top of it. Your other option is to turn it upside down and try to shimmy it out that way. To me, this is not a problem – I definitely felt the monitor was packed well/safely inside, just pondered if anyone thought about how someone was supposed to ge… view full review on bestbuy.com

★★★★★   Top tier performance & Specs - Solrak Apr 18, 2020 2:26 PM
The HP Omen 27i display is HP’s latest monitor in their gaming focused Omen product line. Is it worthy of a gaming tag, or is this just another rebranded OEM display? Let’s find out!

One quick note before we get started – this panel lists as AMD Freesync compatible. I can confirm that with the latest Nvidia drivers, 10 series and newer Geforce cards, when connected via display port, consider this monitor to be G-Sync compatible and will automatically enable adaptive frame rates and support this display, WHOO!!!

Inside the box is the stand, power brick and power cable, HDMI cable, display port cable, and a USB A to B cable to hook into the monitor for full control and a helpful two port USB hub. Glad HP provided every cable needed to connect this display. I love the look of this display, it has an almost bezel-less design on three side… view full review on bestbuy.com

★★★★★   Good Omen - actually, great - Keyan Apr 17, 2020 11:23 AM

Setup is easy. No tools are required to mount the display to the included stand. The display just snapped in. Attach power and video cable and your up and running.


The HP OMEN 27i has a modern design element to it. The left, right and top bezels are thin as you would expect from a display in 2020, however, the bottom “chin” is substantially large and often looks a bit distracting. There is a white LED which indicates the monitor is on, which can also be distracting in dark room settings.

The back of the display has a vertical square in the shape of a diamond, where the displays input options are located. It also houses the ambient LED. The HDMI and DisplayPort connections plug into one side where USB and desk lock plug into the other side. The sla… view full review on bestbuy.com

★★★★☆   Great Gaming Performer - elitegangsta Apr 28, 2020 8:18 AM

Model: 27I 8AC94AA#ABA SKU: 6400438

2K Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution

Expand your gaming performance in line with the power of your graphics card.

1 ms response time

Delivers ultra-fast performance, minimizing lag and time-to-screen.

144 – 165 Hz refresh rate

Delivers powerful performance so that you can get the most out of your games and videos.

27" antiglare LED monitor

Efficient screen type uses LEDs to provide precise backlighting to pixels.

FreeSync Technology

Adaptive synchronization technology that matches the frame rate of the monitor to any compatible AMD graphics card.



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