Sonance – 2-Ch. Outdoor Streaming Music System – White

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$699.98 $1299.98 Buy It Now
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Bestbuy has Sonance – 2-Ch. Outdoor Streaming Music System – White on sale for $699.98.

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I was really looking forward to review this Sonance – 2-Ch. Outdoor Streaming Music System for use on my outdoor patio in exchange for the product. Sonos' speaker quality is world renowned. When I received this unit I was immediately impressed by the extra care and design of delivery-packaging the factory folks took to ensure this unit arrived undamaged and ready to install. It has been raining for over a week in my neck of the woods, and, have not been able to install these fantastic speakers on my patio. So, I thought I would set this Sonos system up, temporarily, using my record player. I have an extensive vinyl record collection and love the full spectrum sound of analog recordings as they were meant to be heard. My record player has a pre-amp, which is required to use with this Sonos Amp. When I finally got this system configured I was thoroughly impressed with the analog sound reproduc… view full review on
★★★★☆   Great Speakers And Sound – App Setup Disappointing - pauldar Oct 27, 2019 1:33 PM
First off it must be known that I am a HUGE Sonos fan and have Sonos Speakers located throughout my house on every level (even the garage). One of the things you couldn’t do easily was take that great Sonos sound outside very easily. I would on occasion take my Play 5 and plug it in on my back deck but Id have to take it out of my office shelf, bring it outside plug it in etc, not the best solution but workable.

Enter the Sonance 2-Ch Outdoor System with Sonos Amp.

Set up is easy. I just added it to my speaker arra… view full review on

★★★★★   Great Stand Alone or addition to Sonos System - NyVetteGuy Oct 20, 2019 3:35 PM
If you know anything about Sonos Or Sonance . Then you know or heard that they cost an arm and a leg right?
Well you heard right. But you probably also heard the phrase “you get what you paid for” as well. And this is exactly the case. If you want the best or next to it. You came to the right place. If you like to host the best parties or get togethers and need the best equipment you can afford. You looked at the cheap brands. You’ve tried them out and realized they are not worth it. Especially if you love audio like most people do. This sonance speaker kit and Sonos amp gives you the best of many worlds with its sound quality, … view full review on
★★★★★   High price, but high end! - BestbuyGuy210 Oct 23, 2019 7:50 AM
I got the Sonance Streaming Outdoor speaker system because in the next 60 days I am going to be completely be rebuilding my deck area. Up until now, I had a Sonos One that we would just take outside and plug in but now that we are redoing the deck, we wanted a more professional music option. The key here was that we already had a significant investment in Sonos in our house. We have 2- Sono’s 5’s (Kitchen & Master Bedroom), Sonos Soundbar in the living room and a S… view full review on
★★★★★   Perfectly Sonos Integrated Outdoor Speaker System - bradrobster Oct 26, 2019 7:58 PM
The Sonance 2-Ch outdoor streaming music system is essentially two high quality Sonance speakers connected (wired) to a Sonos amp which can connect (via WiFi) to the many different streaming services and allows you to stream via a service of from your media library from your phone. So to be clear, the speakers must be wired (not included) directly to the amp. However, the amp and streaming can be done wireless from your phone or the included iPort audio keypad.

My system arrived in a very box that had seen better days and I was a little worried that the contents might have been damaged. You may not realize it, but not all boxe… view full review on

★★★★★   Amazing and Rich Sound - abl001 Oct 25, 2019 1:04 PM

Model: MAGO6SYSV2 SKU: 6359679

Integrated, multiroom control

If you have multiple Sonos music players, you can control what's playing in any room from anywhere in your house. You can use any Sonos controller to control the music and the volume in all of your rooms.

Control your music from the palm of your hand

Download the free Sonos Controller app on your compatible smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac to search and connect to your Sonos audio system through your home Wi-Fi network.

Wireless streaming lets you access all music you love in one place

Enjoy your music library, radio stations, and online services through the Sonos Controller app.

Two Sonance outdoor speakers

Features 6-1/2" glass fiber cone and Santoprene™ surround to provide full range sound.

250W total power handling at 8 ohms

Creates powerful sound through the subwoofer and satellite speakers.



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